About Us


Aromainbox.com is a small family business associated with a couple of indigenous farmers and employees. The motivation, of course, is to be able to support the families that rely on the success of the business. We sell only products that are grown or produced in the Hilly areas of Kerala. Our products are directly collected from the farmers from its area of production without losing its natural quality and freshness. Spices, Tea, Coffee sold in your nearby retail stores typically go through many layers of supply chains, but our process cuts out anywhere from months to years of time where the spice is just sitting around, often on store shelves. By eliminating these layers we deliver our spices to you at peak freshness and superb quality. We assure that no middlemen are involved in our supply chain process, therefore, we can offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices to our customers by giving the farmers the opportunity to receive the best remuneration for their hard labor.


Our mission is to deliver fresh Spices, Tea, Coffee, Dried fruits, Traditional Kerala Pickles and Masala, Clothing etc. at a reasonable price to your doorsteps.  



We stand behind our products unconditionally. As per our “100% satisfaction guarantee” policy, if you are not completely satisfied with our product, you can return your order for a full refund or an exchange, whichever you prefer. No questions asked!!

All items are eligible for 100% guarantee. Items returned for a replacement or exchange will be shipped out to you as soon as we receive the original item back. There is no shipping or restocking fee associated with returns. If you would like to return an item, simply contact us at our customer care number